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May 1, 2011
(May 29, 2011 update—new route for walk)

Trolley Greenway Bridge Opening

Lawrence Township will celebrate the official opening of the Five Mile Run Trolley Greenway Bridge on Saturday, June 11. Councilwoman Pam Mount chaired an ad hoc assembly of township committees to plan the event on April 28. The committees include Greenway, Open Space, and Sustainable Mobility. The public ribbon cutting ceremony to open the bridge will be at 10 AM. Activities, including guided bike rides of varying lengths, are being planned.

The Lawrence Township Greenway Committee has announced that its 21st annual hike will be held in conjunction with this event. The hike will begin at 9:00 AM from the Loveless Nature Center parking area on Eggerts Crossing Rd arriving at the bridge in time for the opening. Following the event, the hike will continue onto the "unknown" trails of Central Park, then returns us to the Loveless Nature Preserve. The 2¼ mile walk route is shown on the map to the right.

You can walk, bike or drive to the bridge opening. Parking is available at Central Park or along Johnson or Drift Aves. The bridge is a half mile walk from either area.

The bridge was constructed in mid-November 2010 using a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Bikeway Grant Program (see Trolley Trail Bridge Funded by NJDOT below). In addition, the township has surfaced the greenway with a stone dust pavement from the bridge north to Rider University, and south to Eggerts Crossing Road, creating a half-mile extension to the existing greenway to the south. Also, by mid-November 2010 the township extended the greenway southward from the previous terminus at Alcazar Ave. to the bridge over the Shabakunk Creek at the Ewing Township border—nearly 700 ft (see the same article and map below). This extension was paved with a stone dust surface as well (see photo to the right). With these additions, the greenway is complete from Ewing Township to Rider University, a distance of 1.5 miles.



Trolley Line Greenway Bridge over Five Mile Run

Trolley Line Greenway Bridge over Five Mile Run on April 30, 2011

Map for June 11, 2011 Bridge Opening

21st Annual Greenway Hike on Saturday, June 11, 2011

Greenway extension to Ewing

The new stone dust path that runs
south to Ewing Township on
November 11, 2010, shortly after


February 22, 2009

Loveless Nature Preserve Trail Blazed

Note: After posting this item he blazes, as well as ribbons used to mark newly planted trees, were removed. So this is an unblazed trail right now. We are considering a different way of indicating the trail that is not so easy to obilterate.

The Lawrence Township Greenway Committee has created a trail through the woods of the Loveless Nature Preserve on Eggerts Crossing Road. The blazed trail, shown on the map to the right, begins near the center of the property and runs along the border between the grove of farmed evergreen trees and the woods. The trail then angles off to run parallel to Five Mile Run and ends at the Trolly Line Trail near the site of the future pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Five Mile Run (see article below). The trail is about 1600 ft (nearly 1/3 mile) long.

This is the first trail that the committee has created using its blaze. The trail will be featured in the trail guide to be published and distributed to Lawrence Township residents by the spring.

The preserve was purchased by the township from former police chief Nick Loveless in 2007. Mr. Loveless, who ran a tree farm on the property, sold it to the township for less than a developer would have paid out of his desire to see the property preserved as open space.

  Loveless Nature Preserve Trail Map
  Anne Demarais points to the first blaze

Anne Demarais points to the first blaze

  Peter Wood marks the way

Peter Wood marks the way


February 9, 2009
(February 13, 2009 update)

Trolley Trail Bridge Funded by NJDOT

The Township of Lawrence has been awarded a $275,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) to construct a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, and connecting paths, along the former Johnson Trolley Line north of Eggert Crossing Road (see map to right). With matching funds to be provided by the Township, the total cost will be $300,000. The bridge will cross Five Mile Run, a tributary of Shipetaukin Creek.

Construction may be completed by this fall. The timing depends on how quickly the township can get the needed environmental permits from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DOT funds were awarded from their Bikeway Grant Program which supports the state’s goal of constructing 1,000 new miles of dedicated bike paths.

Jim Parvesse, the township’s Municipal Engineer, stated that at least 100 ft of an 8-10 foot wide stone dust path will be constructed along the trolley line right-of-way on each side of the 6-8 foot wide bridge. He is hopeful of extending the paths further than that with judicious use of the funds.

The bridge will establish an important link in the trolley line greenway connecting Rider University in the north to Eggerts Crossing Village and beyond to the south. Currently users must descend to the creek bank to cross.

The township is also applying for a $25,000 grant from the DEP’s New Jersey Trails Program to surface the nearly 700 foot stretch of the trolley line trail from Alcazar Ave. to the existing bridge over the Shabakunk Creek, where the trail crosses into Ewing Township (see map to right). This segment, which will also have a stone dust surface, will connect to the paved greenway to the north to Eggert Crossing Rd.

  Trolly Line Bridge Grant Future Trolley Line Trail Bridge Future Stone Dust Trail Trolley Line Trail crosswalk at foot of Johnson Ave. Future stone dust trail Future stone dust trail from southern end

December 17, 2008

Lawrence Hopewell Trail Routed through Maidenhead Meadows

Plans are in place to complete the Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) through the Princeton Pike Corporate Center and Maidenhead Meadows. This includes a connection between the LHT and the Delaware and Raritan Canal. (Map and photos to the right).

Lawrence Township has extended the Brearley Meadow Trail (BMT) to the Corporate Center. Brandywine Realty, owners of the center, will construct a link from that point to their newly constructed road that leads to Princeton Pike. A traffic light is to be installed at the intersection with the pike.

Lawrence Towship has also completed construction of a loop trail and parking in Maidenhead Meadows. The loop trail will be connected to Meadow Road and the BMT via an improved bike lane along Princeton Pike. Wetlands preclude a more direct connection between Meadow Road and the loop trail.

Completing the LHT in this area will be the section from the loop trail to Princeton Pike at Foxcroft Drive. Construction is pending the cleanup of dredge spoils from Colonial Lake that are along the planned route as it approaches the pike.


Lawrence Hopewell Trail via Maidenhead Meadows LHT at entrance to Princeton Pike Corporate Center Future LHT Brearley Meadow Trail connection to Princeton Pike Corporate Center Brearley Meadow Trail at Brearley House Entrance to Maindenhead Meadows Loop Trail Maidenhead Meadows Loop Trail
Route of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail through the Princeton Pike Corporate Center and Maidenhead Meadows. Click on the camera icons to see photographs from those locations. A higher resolution version of this map is available for download. Right click on the link and select "Save Target As..." (Internet Exporer) or "Save Link As.." (Firefox).